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  Fiberglass Filament Yarn
  Fiberglass Insect Screen
  Glass Textile Wallcovering
  Fiberglass Mats
  Chopped Strands
  Woven Roving
  Fiberglass Mesh
  Drywall Joint Tape
  Glass Fiber Fabric/Cloth
  Fiberglass Roving
  Fiberglass Sleeving
  Geomembranes/Pond Liners
  Other Geosynthetics/Earthwork
  Engineering Fiber
  Geosynthetic Clay Liners/GCLs
  Drainage Net
  PVC Corner Mesh/Corner Bead
  Silicone Baking Mat
  Polyester Roofing Fabric
Featured Products  
Geotec Earthwork Material
Geotec earthwork material are mainly included geotextiles, geonets/geogrids, geomembranes and geocomposites
Biaxial Geogrid-Geotextiles Geocomposite
Main function of biaxial geogrid-geotextile Geocomposite: Drainage, reinforcement, seperation, filtration
Polyester Fiber For Bitumen Concrete Reinforcement
Supply polyester fiber for bitumen concrete,polypropylene monofilament,PP fiber-mesh,geofiber,engineering fiber,earthwork
Safety Fence
Supply safety fence/warning fence,snow fence for construction sites.
Drainage Geocomposite
Drainage geocomposite are used for: Landfill leachate collection Leak detection Caps/closures Pond leak detection etc
Drainage Geo Composite
Drainage geo composite are used for: Landfill leachate collection Leak detection Caps/closures Pond leak detection etc
Safety Fence
Safety fence is used to be safety fencing or warning barrier for construction sites. And also used as snow fencing
HDPE Drainage Net
HDPE drainage nets are manufactured to allow planar flow of fluids along the plane of the net.
Erosion Control Mat
Erosion Control Mat is a new type civil engineering material which be used broadly in maintenance of water and soil.
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